GoGoCasino Welcomes Dogge Doggelito as Brand Ambassador

Dogge Doggelito, the iconic Swedish hip-hop artist, is stepping into a new role as the brand ambassador for GoGoCasino, marking a significant milestone in his illustrious 30-year career. This collaboration aligns with the release of his latest track on Spotify, a nostalgic nod to the golden era of hip-hop that propelled him to fame. The song, titled “Casino Go Go,” draws inspiration from the 1990s sounds of The Latin Kings, the group that played a crucial role in Dogge’s rise on the Swedish music scene. This track is a joint effort between Dogge and Rodrigo “Rodde” Pencheff, a fellow hip-hop veteran, celebrating the genre that has defined their careers.

GoGoCasino, under the LeoVegas Group, has enlisted Dogge to spearhead a vibrant campaign aimed at an adult audience that appreciates gambling as part of their daily entertainment. This partnership features Dogge cruising through the colorful streets of Mexico City in a classic lowrider, with his new song setting the atmosphere. Dogge’s excitement about blending his passions for music and entertainment with GoGoCasino’s mission is palpable. He expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to engage in what he loves most, emphasizing the importance of American cars, rich samples, and fun in his work.

Emmie Westerlund, Country Manager at LeoVegas Group, praised the collaboration with Dogge, highlighting his creativity and alignment with GoGoCasino’s values of joy and entertainment. The campaign, according to Westerlund, aims to draw more attention to GoGoCasino’s diverse game offerings and superior user experience.

This partnership marks a full circle for Dogge, from altering the landscape of Swedish hip-hop with The Latin Kings’ “Welcome to the suburbs” in 1994, to now, celebrating three decades in music with a project that ties his past to his present and future endeavors. Both Dogge and GoGoCasino are set on creating an immersive experience that combines the thrill of gaming with the cultural impact of musicLeo V

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