DraftKings Partnership Nets $100M for New Hampshire Education

Since New Hampshire introduced sports betting four years ago, in collaboration with DraftKings, the initiative has generated $100 million for the state’s Education Trust Fund, as reported by the New Hampshire Lottery. This contribution is part of the lottery’s broader effort to support public education through various gaming options.

Charlie McIntyre, the executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery, expressed his enthusiasm about the state’s leadership in sports betting in the Northeast. He highlighted the importance of responsible betting among players and looked forward to continued success in the future. “We are extremely proud of the work we have done to establish New Hampshire as the premier destination for sports betting in the Northeast,” McIntyre stated. “We encourage our New Hampshire players to continue placing responsible bets and we are excited for many more years of winning big!”

The lottery’s annual report revealed that the state’s revenue from all lottery games, including sports betting, instant scratch tickets, keno, and historic horse racing, saw a significant increase last year. This boost contributed an additional $43 million, or 29.3 percent, to the Education Trust Fund.

Sports betting, one of the lottery’s latest offerings, has seen rapid growth since its inception. The state opened its first retail sportsbook at The Brook in Seabrook, with subsequent openings at Filotimo in Manchester and Dover, and the Gate City Casino in Nashua. Over the past four years, New Hampshire residents have placed bets totaling more than $2.71 billion, showcasing the game’s popularity and its substantial contribution to educational funding.

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