Piggy Smash by Gaming Corps – Smashing Piggies for Cash Prizes

Gaming Corps is starting 2024 on a high note with the launch of Piggy Smash, a game that introduces a unique chance for players to win cash prizes by smashing piggy banks. This new offering comes with the innovative Smash4Cash mechanic, a first for Gaming Corps, signaling a fresh direction in the online casino space.

In Piggy Smash, players are presented with a game screen centered around a piggy bank, flanked by racks holding balls that represent potential wins. The game’s design allows for anticipation to build as players aim to smash the piggy bank in the middle, revealing instant cash prizes and possibly unlocking additional features and multipliers.

The game mechanics are simple: place a bet, aim for the piggy bank, and if smashed, win an instant prize. Each smashed piggy bank leads to another from the rack taking its place, keeping the game dynamic and engaging. Special features such as Rampage Mode and Instant Win add layers of excitement, with Rampage Mode automatically smashing piggy banks and the Instant Win feature randomly awarding prizes up to 1,000 times the wager.

Moreover, the Multiplier feature enhances the game by applying a multiplier to the next piggy bank smashed, while the Multiplier Rampage feature combines multipliers with the thrilling action of smashing piggy banks for amplified wins.

Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps, expressed enthusiasm about Piggy Smash and the Smash4Cash mechanic, emphasizing the game’s potential to shake up the arcade genre in online casinos. The company aims to continue this innovative streak with more releases that feature the Smash4Cash mechanic, promising an exciting future for Gaming Corps’ game portfolio.

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Piggy Smash joins Gaming Corps’ growing list of arcade-style games, such as Plinkgoal and Prospector’s Plinko, as the company looks to expand its global market reach with engaging and innovative gaming content in 2024.

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