Missouri Man Amasses Over 2,250 Casino Chips for Guinness World Record

Paul Schaffer from Kansas City, Missouri, didn’t just play his cards right; he turned his love for casino chips into a Guinness World Record achievement. Boasting an eye-popping collection of 2,250 casino chips, Paul has turned a casual hobby he picked up 20 years ago into a record-setting treasure trove. His journey into the world of chip collecting started with a simple love for casino visits during his younger days in Minnesota and a memorable trip to Las Vegas for his 30th birthday that sparked his chip-collecting frenzy.

As casino chip collecting has become a hot ticket among enthusiasts, Paul’s collection, which began with a thoughtful chip from his mom from the now-demolished Silver Slipper Casino, has grown into a vast array of history in the palm of his hand. The Silver Slipper, famous for its giant rotating shoe and a bit of a scandal involving “flat dice,” kicked off Paul’s fascination with these pocket-sized pieces of history.

“Since I grew up in Minnesota where the legal age to gamble was 18, it was something we did for entertainment,” he said to Guinness. “When my wife took me to Vegas for the first time for my 30th birthday, I saw all these cool chips on the tables. Instead of buying some trinkets that I would throw away, I would keep a chip from every casino we visited.” 

Among his prized possessions is a purple chip from the Thunderbird Casino, echoing the vibrant hues and spirit of old Vegas. Paul’s quest for chips is an ongoing adventure, taking him from conversations with casino staff to diving into the stories behind the chips, and even road trips to Vegas to snag the latest $1 tokens for his collection.

The tale of the Playboy Casino chips found buried in Mississippi adds a dash of mystery to the hobby, proving that the world of casino chip collecting is full of surprises. Paul Schaffer’s collection not only celebrates the colorful history of gaming but also showcases the fun and intrigue of chasing down pieces of the past.

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Paul is on the hunt for some elusive casino chips, notably a $25 chip from a defunct small casino in Oklahoma. For two decades, he’s been on the lookout for a $25 chip from the Keetoowah Cherokee Casino in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a find that has eluded him despite his efforts. Paul has even reached out to the tribe that operated the casino, but to no avail; they have not responded to his inquiries.

“This $25 chip is the missing piece from Oklahoma in my collection,” Paul shared.

His next goal is to set a world record for the highest stack of casino chips, a testament to his dedication to this unique hobby.

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