Netherlands to Debate Universal Gaming Limits and Advertisement Ban

Derk Boswijk, a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party in the Netherlands, has proposed a motion to enforce a total ban on gambling advertisements. This initiative seeks to expand the existing restrictions that already limit gambling advertising through traditional and public media by also banning targeted advertising on digital platforms like streaming services, social media, and online gaming environments.

What you need to know

  • Derk Boswijk has introduced a motion for a total ban on all gambling advertising in the Netherlands to close existing loopholes in digital advertising.
  • The motion has garnered cross-party support, reflecting a unified approach to further protect young and vulnerable individuals from gambling-related harm.
  • Alongside the advertising ban, there’s a push for universal gaming limits, indicating a significant step towards stricter gambling regulations in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands, which introduced a partial ban on gambling ads in July, allowing for some targeted advertising, is now facing calls to extend this ban to protect younger and more vulnerable groups from exposure to gambling content. Boswijk’s motion, supported by a cross-party group of Dutch politicians, aims to eliminate all forms of gambling advertising.

Alongside this, Mirjam Bikker has suggested introducing a universal gaming limit to further protect consumers, a proposal that has garnered support from Boswijk and other legislators. This move reflects a broader effort by the Dutch government to tighten gambling regulations and address problem gambling.

The Dutch House of Representatives is set to vote on Boswijk’s motion, which could lead to a comprehensive ban on gambling advertising. These developments are part of the Netherlands’ ongoing commitment to enhancing player protection in the gambling sector.

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