Major Gambling Operator’s Assets Seized in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Economic Security Bureau recently took action against a top gambling firm for tax evasion, seizing assets worth approximately €17.3 million. The company, which remains unnamed by officials but is identified by The New Voice of Ukraine as Cosmolot, allegedly avoided paying around €27.4 million in taxes. This operation holds a legal license to operate in Ukraine, according to authorities.

Investigations revealed the firm engaged in unauthorized online gambling activities through over 30 “mirror” sites, mimicking the licensed entity’s platform but operating without proper authorization. This setup was part of a larger scheme to evade taxes, described by the Bureau as extensive and organized.

Further inquiries brought to light that the company’s listed office location did not match its actual premises, as per its registration with Ukraine’s national gambling regulator, KRAIL. Investigators also found that company staff hid crucial evidence and documents, complicating the investigation efforts.

Following these discoveries, authorities froze UAH700 million from the company’s accounts and launched a pre-trial investigation, with the Prosecutor General’s Office providing guidance.

Cosmolot has responded by challenging these allegations, deeming them baseless and confirming its commitment to legal operations through its officially licensed website, The firm has already taken legal steps to contest the charges.

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