Kindred Group Names Nils Andén as Permanent CEO

In a significant development for the online gambling industry, Kindred Group plc (Kindred) has officially appointed Nils Andén as its permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective immediately. Andén, who previously served as interim CEO since May 2023, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role.

Evert Carlsson, Chairman of the Board at Kindred Group, expressed the board’s satisfaction with Andén’s performance, stating, “The Board is very pleased to be able to appoint Nils as permanent CEO and that he is willing to take on the job.” Carlsson emphasized Andén’s outstanding leadership qualities and extensive knowledge of both Kindred and the online gambling landscape.

Andén’s Vision and Gratitude

In response to his appointment, Nils Andén expressed gratitude for the board’s trust and confidence in his leadership. “I am grateful and proud to have received the Board’s confidence to continue in the role as CEO of Kindred Group,” Andén remarked. He highlighted the dedication of Kindred’s team in pursuing an ambitious strategic agenda aimed at reinforcing the company’s foothold in locally regulated markets.

Andén’s transition from interim to permanent CEO underscores Kindred’s commitment to stability and continuity in its leadership. With Andén at the helm, the company looks forward to executing its strategic vision and delivering value to stakeholders in the dynamic and competitive landscape of online gambling.

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