Enter GGPoker’s GGMasters Overlay Edition: A Shot at $10 Million

GGPoker is back with the GGMasters Overlay Edition, kicking off on February 18 and wrapping up on February 26. With a $150 entry fee, the tournament promises a hefty $10 million guaranteed prize pool. Last year’s edition saw the company adding $1 million to meet this guarantee, showcasing the event’s value to participants.

This freezeout tournament offers no second chances, making each play count toward the ultimate goal. To ensure accessibility, GGPoker hosts daily satellite events, with entries starting at just $0.25. This allows a wide range of players the chance to secure a spot and aim for a significant win.

Daniel Negreanu, GGPoker’s Global Ambassador, underscored the tournament’s appeal, stating, “There’s no other tournament like the GGMasters Overlay Edition – a freezeout with a reasonable buy-in, an enormous guarantee and the possibility of some major value! Last year, we saw a $1M overlay; who knows what’s in the cards in 2024?”

Sarne Lightman, Managing Director of GGPoker, highlighted the tournament’s role in the company’s community engagement efforts. “The GGMasters Overlay Edition is a cornerstone in GGPoker’s commitment to giving back to our community,” Lightman said. “We’re already handing out over $15M in promotions right now through our Lunar New Year Giveaways, and adding the $10M-guaranteed GGMasters Overlay Edition into the mix sweetens the pot even more – February is going to be amazing at GGPoker!”

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