Mohegan Inspire Exclusive International Casino in Incheon, South Korea, Opens Today

Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon, South Korea, is gearing up to launch a new casino exclusive to international visitors, a first in nearly two decades. Awarded by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on January 23, the casino is scheduled to open its doors on February 3. This development introduces a unique gaming environment with 150 tables, 390 slot machines, and a 160-seat electronic table games (ETG) stadium, spread over two floors.

A new era of international hospitality

Chen Si, President of Mohegan Inspire, expressed excitement about the progress, highlighting the seven-year journey to secure the international visitor-only casino business license. “I am thrilled that Mohegan Inspire has successfully carried out this phase of development over the past seven years and has obtained a permit for an international visitor-only casino business license,” Chen said. He also noted the positive reception to the resort’s Arena, digital shows, and luxury hotel, emphasizing Mohegan Inspire’s commitment to economic growth and diverse guest experiences.

Ray Pineault, CEO of Mohegan, underscored the significance of the Inspire Casino in the broader context of Mohegan’s global expansion. “As we unveil the Inspire Casino, we’re continuing to pioneer a new era of international hospitality,” Pineault stated. This project reflects Mohegan’s dedication to setting new standards in entertainment and hospitality, contributing to Incheon’s dynamic and stimulating economic and cultural development.

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