A Closer Look at the Current State of Gambling Licenses

A comprehensive grasp of jurisdictional nuances and regulatory changes is necessary due to the ever-changing environment of iGaming licensing. We examine the present state of major licensing agencies in this thorough review, making the intricacies understandable to both novice and seasoned business owners.


The allure of a Curaçao gaming license persists, yet the regulatory framework is undergoing a significant metamorphosis. Presently, the transitional phase is characterized by limited master licenses for new entrants. Notably, a revamped regime, the National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK), is poised for implementation in September 2024.

During this transition, operators can secure licenses under the extant system, while anticipation surrounds the establishment of the Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA) post-transition. Transparency prevails, as a standardized fee structure is envisaged, and operators can initiate license applications through the GCB’s website. However, volatility underscores the present landscape, with legislative revisions on the horizon.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man beckons operators with its progressive regulatory environment. While the Commission maintains stringent standards for fairness and responsibility, the associated benefits are manifold. A five-year license tenure, encompassing diverse game types and global market access, positions the Isle of Man as a strategic choice.

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In addition to its regulatory prowess, the Isle of Man boasts a competitive tax policy, with no capital gains tax and a tiered duty system based on gross gaming yield. Further fortifying its standing, the jurisdiction is whitelisted by the OECD and the UK Gambling Commission, validating its commitment to international standards.


Renowned for its lack of gaming taxes and esteemed regulatory authority, the Kahnawake gambling license is a compelling choice for operators. Offering various licensing options and a five-year Client Provider Authorisation, Kahnawake’s global reach extends beyond the USA, provided compliance with target market regulations.

This jurisdiction’s appeal lies in its cost-effectiveness, flexible requirements, and universal acceptance. Boasting a 0% corporate tax rate and no additional gaming tax, Kahnawake presents an attractive, long-term solution for online casino licensing.

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Dubbed the native country of iGaming, Malta continues to be a welcoming haven for operators. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) issues highly esteemed licenses, reflecting the industry’s significant contribution to the Maltese economy.

Recent regulatory restructuring has streamlined licensing procedures, eliminating the gaming tax and fostering a pro-business environment. MGA’s whitelist status with the UK Gambling Commission amplifies the allure for operators seeking international market exposure.


In the evolving landscape of iGaming licensing, the Anjouan license emerges as a disruptor. With its nominal fees, rapid application process, and global authorization, Anjouan positions itself as an attractive alternative, especially in light of Curaçao’s regulatory shifts.

The all-inclusive nature of the Anjouan license, covering various forms of gambling, underscores its versatility. Offering affordability for startups and a commitment to responsible gaming, Anjouan is poised to become a pragmatic choice for new entrants seeking an economical yet comprehensive licensing solution.

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