BetMGM Welcomes RAW iGaming’s Explosive Entry to Ontario

A trailblazing studio dedicated to defying industry conventions, RAW iGaming, has made its much awaited debut in Ontario in a move that is poised to completely reshape the iGaming scene. Joining up with one of the biggest names in the iGaming and sports betting industries, BetMGM, RAW iGaming offers the province of Canada its cutting-edge experiences and inventive gaming mechanics.

Elevating BetMGM’s Diverse Gaming Portfolio

BetMGM, recognized for its commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming library, continuously seeks to differentiate its offerings. Boasting an award-winning online casino hosting over 3,600 titles across North American markets, BetMGM adds RAW iGaming’s exclusive, patent-pending mechanics to its repertoire. RAW’s game engines, including SuperSlice®, Supertracks®, SuperSymbolsTM, Dynamic WaysTM, and SuperStretchTM, aim to enhance the player experience.

RAW iGaming introduces BetMGM players to inventive mechanics such as Clusterspins®, Bonus Rush®, and VIBETM. Clusterspins® offers a unique hedge bet, while Bonus Rush® enables direct-to-bonus play. VIBETM incorporates artificial intelligence, providing in-game characters and symbols with increased autonomy for dynamic interactions, ensuring a refreshing experience with each gaming session.

The partnership between RAW iGaming and BetMGM represents a major advancement for both organizations. RAW iGaming CEO Tom Wood was excited to learn about player preferences and emphasized the value of visually appealing content. He expressed gratitude for BetMGM’s assistance and anticipated that the collaboration would be fruitful. Vice President of Gaming Product & Content at BetMGM, Oliver Bartlett, greeted RAW iGaming to Ontario and said that their captivating games will be a great complement to the company’s well-known online casino.

This collaboration demonstrates the dynamic growth of the industry, which is fueled by a common dedication to provide cutting-edge gaming experiences.

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