BetMGM Elevates Player Experience with Win Spins by White Hat Studios

Prominent iGaming developer White Hat Studios has unveiled Win Spins, a cutting-edge marketing tool designed to revolutionize the gaming experience. Originally available only at BetMGM, the approach ensures Win Spins up front, removing any possibility of disappointment. Players can spin till they achieve the allotted winning spins when this feature is available in a few slot games. White Hat Studios will be positioned as a pioneer in the iGaming industry with this move, which is expected to improve client acquisition and retention. Vice President of Gaming Armen Tatarevic highlights the change in how players perceive incentives and wants to bring iGaming up to date. Win Spins will be available to all operator partners of White Hat Studios when BetMGM’s exclusivity ends.

BetMGM Exclusive

White Hat Studios’ latest release, Win Spins, is set to redefine player rewards in the iGaming industry. The innovative tool, available exclusively on BetMGM initially, offers a unique upfront guarantee of winning spins. Players can enjoy this feature across select slot games, ensuring a more satisfying experience without the uncertainty of traditional free spins. With an aim to boost customer acquisition and retention rates, White Hat Studios positions itself as a key player in iGaming innovation.

Armen Tatarevic, Vice President of Gaming at White Hat Studios, highlights the transformative potential of Win Spins. In a market where iGaming has lagged behind sports betting innovation, White Hat Studios seeks to modernize player rewards. Tatarevic sees the introduction of Win Spins as a step towards making promotions more enjoyable for players. The initial launch with BetMGM has generated positive player engagement, setting the stage for broader accessibility across all White Hat Studios’ partner operators.

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