GiG’s Shows Strength with QMRA in Germany

The Gaming Innovation Group, or GiG, has opted to comply with the QMRA Compliance Procedures in quick reaction to the recent introduction of QMRA, a project by and Game Lounge. The point of emphasis? GiG’s dedication to ethical and legal iGaming activities is demonstrated via a dedicated website designed specifically for the German market.

Considering that GiG places a strong focus on responsible gaming, the integration with QMRA Compliance makes sense and is a proactive move. GiG is determined to conform to the changing environment of iGaming rules, given its recognition of the need of running websites responsibly and legally.

This week will mark the start of the QMRA Compliance Team and GiG Team’s joint efforts. The newly released website will be carefully examined by the QMRA team in accordance with the QMRA Code for Germany. This code, which is described on the official website of QMRA, is closely related to the relevant laws that control German affiliates for online gaming.

QMRA- Pioneering Affiliate Quality Marks Across Europe

With its roots in XY Legal Solutions, the company that founded the Dutch “Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates (KVA),” QMRA has quickly grown to operate in six regulated markets: Norway, Spain, the UK, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. As the need for affiliate quality marks in the iGaming sector grows, QMRA was created in response to the success of KVA in the Dutch market.

Affiliates are under increasing pressure to prove that they can follow changing standards as compliance requirements become more stringent in regulated industries. An affiliate’s commitment to compliance is guaranteed by a quality mark, like QMRA, which acts as a badge of confidence for affiliates. QMRA’s compliance processes go beyond simple endorsements; they provide affiliates with a thorough awareness of pertinent regulations, strengthening their position within the ever-changing iGaming industry.

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