Former New Hampshire Senator Faces Fallout Over Alleged Misuse of COVID Relief Funds

According to allegations of misusing more than $800,000 in COVID relief monies, Concord Casino—owned by former state senator Andy Sanborn of New Hampshire—has closed. After a lengthy eight-month investigation into the purported abuse of $844,00 in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, the charges became public.

Earlier this year, the New Hampshire Lottery Commission suspended Sanborn’s gaming license in response to the charges. Concord Casino, located in Concord near the Draft Sports Bar and Grill, is still closed as of January 1, 2024. The regulatory agency made a big decision by suspending the license, which had an effect on how the facility operated.

Missed Appeal Deadline Leads to Extended Closure

The time for Sanborn’s license suspension expired earlier this month despite the possibility of an appeal, and the former Senator did not file an appeal. Concord Casino will thus continue to be closed. Sanborn is also required by law to sell the venue within the next six months, and the Lottery Commission will be in charge of the transaction. To complete the acquisition, the buyer has to get the regulatory body’s permission.

Given the grave accusations, the Lottery Commission is able to think about canceling Sanborn’s license. If the former senator doesn’t sell the property by the deadline, this possibility becomes real. In order to make sure that there are no illicit gaming activities occurring during the shutdown, the Commission has underlined its commitment to conducting recurring monitoring.

According to the charges, Sanborn applied for the COVID relief funding using a different company name and classified his gambling operation as “miscellaneous.” He reportedly used this move to get around the rule that prevents these companies from receiving relief loans. The money, which was allegedly acquired unlawfully, was allegedly spent on lavish personal spending, such as expensive automobiles and alleged rent payments to himself for the Concord Casino site.

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The story goes on, and it’s still unclear what will happen to Andy Sanborn’s gaming license and Concord Casino in the absence of an appeal.

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