Bulgaria Takes Strict Action Against 600 Illicit Gambling Platforms

The National Revenue Agency (NRA) has disclosed a noteworthy achievement in its most recent report, demonstrating Bulgaria’s unwavering will to combat illicit gaming. More than 600 unauthorized gaming websites were found and prohibited by the regulatory agency in just the last quarter of 2023, according to the disclosure.

Known brands including as Luckyhit, Leon Casino, and 22bet were among the websites that were attacked in the most recent attack. These websites permitted Bulgarian users to sign up and play online slots even though they did not have a working license. It is evident from the NRA’s prompt response that the government is committed to upholding a safe and regulated gaming environment.

Stringent Measures for Unlicensed Operators

When unlicensed operators of gaming facilities are included on the NRA’s database, they have three days to close. NRA has the authority to ask internet service providers to impose access restrictions on the operators’ websites and all related sub-domains in the event of noncompliance, which might result in legal action.

On the official website of the regulatory agency, the Online Gambling section clearly displays the regulatory judgments issued by the NRA as well as the steps taken by the Sofia Regional Court in response. Listings of Bulgaria’s approved and unregistered gaming operators are kept up to date by the NRA in order to guarantee continuous openness.

Customers in Bulgaria are crucial to this regulatory environment. In an effort to support the NRA’s efforts to prevent unlicensed gaming from entering the Bulgarian market, the organization strongly urges users to report any unlawful gambling websites. Through consumer participation in this process, the NRA reaffirms its dedication to establishing a safe and legal gaming environment for everyone.

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In conclusion, the NRA is making a concerted effort to maintain legal requirements and safeguard customers, as seen by its recent crackdown on illegal gaming in Bulgaria. The proactive approach used by the government and the continuous involvement of consumers provide a model for a properly regulated gaming sector.

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