GGPoker Offers 100-Day Rakeback Deal to Take On PokerStars

PokerStars and GGPoker are in a fierce competition to dominate the online poker landscape, and just recently, PokerStars overhauled its loyalty program, drawing comparisons to its renowned Supernova era. In a response, GGPoker has now launched an enticing offer: a 50% rakeback deal for its players, lasting 100 days.

GGPoker’s latest promotion allows players to instantly upgrade to the Killer Whale status in their Fish Buffet player rewards system. This promotion is straightforward to join; players need to open their GGPoker client and opt in. Once upgraded, players maintain their Killer Whale status for 100 days. During this time, they can further elevate their rank to Platinum Whale by accumulating 400,000 FPs, which is roughly equivalent to generating $4,000 in rake. Achieving this will secure them a 50% rakeback for a year. However, if a player falls short, they will still benefit from a Platinum Octopus rank, ensuring a 35% rakeback for the following year.

This promotion is active until February 14. Players can enjoy their rakeback every Monday, with the potential to retain either a 35% or 50% rakeback for an entire year.

GGPoker’s Fish Buffet Rewards is a unique, 25-tier program. Players automatically enroll in this program upon creating their GGPoker account. It offers various benefits as players engage more in real money cash games and tournaments.

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