Mistaken Email Promises Free Play at Oxford Casino in Maine

A recent mishap at Oxford Casino in Maine has caused disappointment among its patrons. The casino accidentally sent out an email to a large number of guests, informing them they had won $250 in free play, only to withdraw the offer later. This mistake led to frustration among the recipients of the email.

Free play in casinos typically allows players to enjoy a certain number of spins or a set amount of play without any cost. Any winnings earned during these free sessions are kept by the players. Oxford Casino runs a weekly promotion where five regular visitors are awarded free play. However, due to an error, last week’s email announcement extended this offer to far more players than intended, potentially costing the casino a significant amount of money.

Oxford Casino’s general manager, Matt Gallagher, explained the situation. “On Jan. 10, five patrons were randomly selected and received an email correctly notifying them that they were a winner,” he said. “Unfortunately, the same email was incorrectly sent to a number of patrons who were not winners. This was the result of a human error.”

Following this incident, the casino management apologized and, with the approval of the state’s Gambling Control Unit, retracted the original promotion. While the exact number of guests who received the erroneous email remains unclear, the withdrawal of the offer left some players feeling let down.

Luis Felipe, expressing his thoughts to FOX-23 Maine, said, “I think they should honor their commitment and give everyone the free slot play. It would be a good gesture and win for them because people would likely take advantage of it and come and spend even more money with them.”

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