UK’s Criminal Justice Bill Takes Aim at Unlicensed Gambling Sites

The United Kingdom is considering passing the Criminal Justice Bill as a proactive measure to fortify its regulatory structure. With the use of this law, the gaming Commission (UKGC) will be able to request that unlicensed gaming websites be blocked. The measure, which is presently being discussed, is in line with the UK’s objective of improving law enforcement’s capacity to successfully combat fraud and crime.

UKGC’s Request for Website Blocking

The Criminal Justice Bill is making progress through the parliamentary process after passing its first reading. Should the bill be enacted, the UKGC would have the authority to ask IP and domain name providers to prevent access to websites that either break or may break British law. This proposed authority, in contrast to the current paradigm of voluntary suspension, expedites the process and offers a more effective method of enforcement, particularly for offshore installations.

With the help of the proposed reforms, the inefficiencies of the present system would be eliminated, allowing organizations such as the UKGC to get court orders even against international corporations. This change in strategy is a reflection of the UK’s resolve to strengthen laws pertaining to internet gaming.

The importance of the Criminal Justice Bill is emphasized by British Minister of Policing Chris Philp. He points out that any UKGC member who holds an executive director rank or higher is now able to request court orders under these new regulations. Philp emphasizes how crucial this action is in limiting foreign businesses that not only steal market share from their lawful competitors but also refuse to stop their illegal operations.

Philp states that the proposed modifications are necessary and that the goal of the measure is to tackle internet crime in its entirety. If put into effect, the proposed court orders would represent a significant turning point in the development of the regulatory environment in the UK and be an invaluable weapon in the war against unlicensed operators and cryptocurrency casinos.

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