OnAir Entertainment Faces Accusations by Whistleblower

Ivans Ivanovs, a former employee, has levied shocking charges against OnAir Entertainment, the creator of live casino games, alleging they had unlawful access to Playtech’s internal systems for a two-year duration. The violation of confidence continued even after Playtech Live Latvia’s major player Igor Veliks left.

According to Ivanovs, Veliks and other individuals took advantage of this unapproved access to spy on future Playtech features and games. The product committee at OnAir Entertainment was allegedly given a big edge by this confidential information, which included Playtech’s market strategy, exclusive alliances with casino operators who had their own studios, and their roadmap.

The whistleblower highlighted the sharp difference between moral behavior and OnAir Entertainment’s purported unlawful access to a rival company’s internal operations in posts on LinkedIn. He called for an inquiry into the origins of OnAir Entertainment’s inventions and voiced worries about possible violations of copyright as well as doubts about the legitimacy of the company’s game titles.

Management Accused of Complicity

Ivanovs expressed his dissatisfaction with OnAir Entertainment’s management and charged them of failing to notice unethical behavior within the organization. He asserts that upper management was aware of the misconduct but disregarded morality in favor of financial gain, endangering the jobs of more than 300 workers.

The dispute intensified when Ivanovs disclosed that he had left OnAir Entertainment in response to a cease-and-desist order, having previously boasted about his accomplishments on social media. The business allegedly delayed four months to bring a legal case alleging trade secret infringement.

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The next release, Diamond Rush Roulette, which Igor Veliks oversaw, is currently being investigated due to claims of industrial espionage.

Ivanovs promises future disclosures regarding OnAir Entertainment’s purportedly immoral conduct in the midst of the judicial struggle.

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