China Strengthens Efforts Against Cross-Border Gambling Activities

According to Minister Wang Xiaohong, the Ministry of Public Security in China is stepping up its efforts to combat international gambling. This was disclosed in a recent teleconference. Authorities are stepping up domestic investigations and enforcing stricter screening at immigration crossings on the mainland. The intention is to take down networks that entice players on the mainland and go after those who set up and make money from offshore gaming enterprises.

Strategic Approaches for Combatting Cross-Border Gambling

The ministry emphasized a commitment to identifying and dismantling any networks involved in soliciting gamblers. Efforts will be concentrated on collecting evidence to accurately target those facilitating and profiting from offshore gambling activities. This marks a strategic shift towards disrupting the core elements supporting such illicit operations.

To curb participation in gambling, authorities are intensifying checks at the country’s boundary checkpoints. Simultaneously, a crackdown on underground banks and illicit payment platforms funneling capital for gambling activities is underway. The goal is to eliminate channels facilitating gambling and tighten control over financial transactions associated with these activities.

China is emphasizing continuous collaboration with international law enforcement institutions to combat cross-border gambling. The approach involves not only domestic measures but also a concerted effort to suppress crimes associated with these activities globally. This aligns with China’s existing bilateral law enforcement agreements with neighboring Southeast Asian nations and its partnership with ASEAN to enhance cooperation in combating online and cross-border gambling.

Although the announcement emphasized the government’s accomplishments in reducing the number of transnational gambling-related offenses that occurred last year, no precise data was provided. The emphasis on continuing initiatives and calculated steps demonstrates China’s continued dedication to addressing this problem in its entirety.

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The scene is changing with more international cooperation and a multimodal strategy to stop illegal activities related to gambling as the Ministry of Public Security reaffirms its opposition to international gaming.


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