PokerStars Overhauls Rewards Program for 2024

PokerStars has announced major changes to its Rewards Program set to take effect in 2024. The overhaul aims to enhance the poker experience by ensuring players are valued more transparently and fairly for their play frequency and volume.

The most notable change is the removal of Weekly Poker Challenges. PokerStars found that these challenges were not meeting their goals, as 75% of participants failed to complete them, leading to frustration and a sense of unrewarded effort. This decision stems from player feedback, highlighting the need for clarity and fairness in the rewards system.

The revamped Stars Rewards Program that got introduced back in 2027 introduces a volume-based approach, allowing players to better plan their play and set personal targets. This shift eliminates the all-or-nothing challenge, making the program more accessible and understandable. PokerStars has also increased the maximum reward level from 25% to 40% and now offers all rewards in cash. This move benefits regular players by providing higher-value rewards that are more immediately usable.

Recognizing that not all players engage with the platform at the same frequency, PokerStars has tailored its approach to cater to both regular and recreational players. Recreational players, classified under the Bronze and Blue Levels, will now earn rewards based on their frequency of play in addition to volume. A notable feature for these players is the daily reward of a $0.50 Power Path ticket, enhancing their journey towards major PokerStars events.

For high-volume players, PokerStars introduces ‘PokerStars Select’ and ‘PokerStars Select+’, exclusive levels offering up to 60% in rewards. Eligibility for these tiers is based on annual rake contributions, with different thresholds set for each level. Select members will receive personal account managers and exclusive promotions, further enhancing their experience on the platform.

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To assist players transitioning to the new system, PokerStars encourages questions and directs users to its FAQ page for more details. The goal of these changes is to provide a transparent, clear, and more generous rewards program, catering to a broader spectrum of poker enthusiasts.

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