VAD Backs Proposal to Increase Gambling Age in Belgium to 21

The legal age range in Europe to gamble is between 18 and 21 years old. In contrast to the United States, where it is generally permitted to gamble and drink alcohol at the age of 21, European nations frequently allow these activities to begin at age 18.

A memorandum advocating for legal reforms in Belgium was recently released by the Flemish Expertise Center, VAD, a center of expertise focused on alcohol, drugs, medication, gambling, and gaming. Concerned about the possible effects of gambling on young individuals, the group suggests amending the current law to raise the minimum age of gaming to 21.

Existing Laws and Unfilled Gaps

There are still loopholes in the legislation, even though it is now illegal for anybody under 21 to attend actual casinos or play at retail slots in Belgium. Certain gambling activities, including as lotteries, bingo, and particular online games of chance, are permitted for young adults who are 18 years of age or older.

VAD offers a number of “cost-effective” ways to stop alcohol and gambling-related damage. The group is in favor of increasing the legal drinking age to 18 in addition to pushing for a 21-year-old minimum gaming age. The VAD’s 10-point strategy for successful gambling regulation in 2021 is in line with these suggested modifications.

VAD uses the 2022 FIFA World Cup as evidence of how urgent it is to raise the gaming age. A gaming provider registered 43,122 new players during this event, with 58% of them being under 30. According to research cited by VAD, there is a greater chance of developing gambling addictions when young people are exposed to gambling.

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In addition to gambling and alcohol, the VAD brief lists nine goals for putting into practice sensible regulations pertaining to gaming, illicit narcotics, and psychoactive medications. The group highlights the growing hazards involved with these activities and calls for help, harm reduction, early intervention, prevention, and other measures.

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