UKGC Imposes £6 Million On Gamesys As Penalty for Compliance Shortcomings

The gambling operator Gamesys was fined £6 million by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) as a result of an inquiry that revealed deficiencies in AML (anti-money laundering) and social responsibility. Requiring regulatory action, the infractions happened between November 2021 and July 2022.

In addition to paying a fine, Gamesys, the company behind 16 websites, including,,, and, will also have to go through a third-party audit. The purpose of this audit is to make sure that policies, procedures, and controls pertaining to safer gaming and anti-money laundering are being implemented effectively.

Kay Roberts Stresses Regulatory Vigilance

The UKGC’s Executive Director of Operations, Kay Roberts, underlined the regulatory commitment to safe, secure, and free from criminal activity. She said, “Whenever we find failures in policies and procedures, the business can expect significant regulatory action.”

The Commission’s examination exposed Gamesys’ social responsibility failings, such as its inability to identify consumers who may be harmed by gaming. The mistakes included putting undue reliance on certain checks, failing to identify damage concerns through deposit restrictions in a timely manner, and not interacting enough with consumers who were at risk.

Failures in social responsibility included communicating with a client only after they had lost over £10,000 and suggesting new games and incentives in a “responsible gambling interaction.” In a different situation, a client who lost £19,709 over the course of five months was dealt with just once.

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AML criteria and triggers were not always met by all of Gamesys’ clients, leading to Anti-Money Laundering failures. Due diligence on the side of the operator was insufficient, since they mostly relied on verbal promises and information from other parties. It was determined that the ‘Reinvestment of wins strategy’ was not enough to reduce the risk associated with unreliable funding sources.

The fines levied on Gamesys serve as a reminder of the UKGC’s dedication to implementing strict guidelines in the gaming sector. Operators should take note of the mandate for a third-party audit, which highlights the importance of strong anti-money laundering and social responsibility protocols.

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