Swedish Gambling Authority Survey Highlights Disturbing Trends

A poll conducted in November 2023 provides a thorough understanding of gaming habits and knowledge levels in Sweden, and it was conducted in cooperation with the Swedish gaming Authority (SGA) and research firm Enkätfabriken. The information not only highlights important patterns but also the government’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the negative effects of gaming.

The report reveals some fascinating facts on the gaming habits of Swedes. Notably, throughout the previous 12 months, 75% of Swedish citizens engaged in gambling activities. Remarkably, 41% of respondents said they had gambled in the preceding week, which is a rise from the polls conducted in 2022 (38%) and 2021 (34%).

Lotteries and other lower-risk verticals remained popular despite the increase in gaming activity. With 74% of respondents having taken part, lotteries took first place. At 25%, trotting came in second, ahead of internet casinos (10%), sports betting (15%), and bingo (15%).

Alarming Trends in Gambling Harm and Lack of Awareness

But the poll also revealed alarming patterns of gambling-related suffering. Ten percent of those surveyed said they had engaged in excessive gambling within the previous year. Additionally, the proportion of those who are playing for financial gain and those who are aware of a loved one who is struggling with gambling showed an increasing trend.

One particularly alarming feature was the ignorance of the issue of unrestricted gaming. Remarkably, 91% of participants found it difficult to determine if a website has a gaming license issued in Sweden. Even among regular gamers, 59% couldn’t tell which websites were licensed. The emergence of unregulated operators presents obstacles in the fight against this lack of knowledge.

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The results of the poll support the cautions issued by Branschföreningen för Onlinespel, the Swedish association for online gambling, which highlights the ways in which erroneous rules hurt licensed companies in comparison to unregulated ones. It is predicted that the impending hike in the gaming tax would make these issues worse and could further destabilize the industry.

The information emphasizes how essential it is to raise awareness and provide instruction about ethical gaming behavior. Better resources are required for Swedish gamblers to recognize regulated platforms and understand the benefits of playing on them. The necessity for a legislative reevaluation with an emphasis on limiting the effect of unlicensed operators is further highlighted by the rising incidence of problem gambling.

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