GambleAware Applauds Proposed Gambling Levy for Funding Research and Prevention

A mandatory industry charge to fund research, prevention, and treatment (RPT) of gaming harms has received support from GambleAware, a UK-based charity dedicated to gambling harm education and prevention. This breakthrough represents a major advancement in tackling the complex issues related to problem gambling.

The CEO of GambleAware, Zoë Osmond, regards the mandatory industry charge as a crucial step in the continuous fight against the negative effects of gaming. Osmond emphasizes how crucial it is to have clear financing for the gambling harms sector in order to facilitate long-term planning and avoid duplication of effort. The present voluntary arrangement will be replaced by the proposed charge, which would also provide a more fair contribution from operators.

Osmond affirms, “The levy will provide clarity of funding for the gambling harms sector, support long-term planning and prevent duplication of work.”

Potential Transformation in Gambling Harms Prevention

According to the organization, the proposed fee has the potential to significantly reduce and prevent gambling-related damage to vulnerable individuals and their families. It is predicted that the new structure, which targets conventional betting shops with a fee of around 0.4% and internet operators with a 1% levy on total gaming return, will bring in an estimated £100 million ($121.7 million) a year.

GambleAware is aware of possible difficulties with the levy’s implementation, nevertheless. In order to guarantee a functional and cohesive system, Osmond draws attention to particular issues with service delivery and accessibility and calls for the creation of a National Strategy for the Prevention and Treatment of Gambling Harms.

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GambleAware emphasizes the value of a public health strategy and supports the appointment of a single Commissioner for Prevention and Treatment. The nonprofit highlights that good coordination between the commissioners of prevention and treatment is essential to the system’s efficient operation. Furthermore, GambleAware demands that financial allocations be reevaluated in order to effectively address population-level prevention and treatment.

Osmond states, “In order to have a meaningful impact on gambling harm at a population level across Great Britain, prevention must be reprioritized with additional funding. At a minimum, there should be an equal focus on both prevention and treatment.”

GambleAware emphasizes the significance of a seamless and stable process as the industry prepares for the switch to the new system. The nonprofit highlights that in order to avoid upsetting the current support and treatment services, financing must be made clear. According to GambleAware, utilizing the third sector’s experience will be crucial for a smooth transition.

One of the main recommendations of the Gambling Act review white paper, which aims to change gambling legislation in the UK, is the mandatory industry charge. Industry stakeholders are supporting the proposed fee and are participating in further consultations on a range of topics, including sports betting and affordability checks.

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