Veikkaus Implements Rigorous Player Identification Measures

Veikkaus, the state-sponsored gambling company in Finland, has launched a strong identity system that will allow gamers to be included in all of its games. This extensive action is a major step toward creating a more responsible and safe gaming environment. It comes after coupon games identification methods were launched earlier in 2023.

By requiring identification verification for every player in its gaming library, Veikkaus has formally demonstrated its commitment to player safety. By limiting access for those who are prohibited, this program seeks to protect players and provide a more positive gaming environment. In addition, the strict identification procedures guarantee regulatory compliance and act as a deterrent to underage gaming.

The recently introduced identification technique is similar to the easy-to-use procedure that is now in place for coupon games, such as Lotto and Eurojackpot. With the use of a digital Veikkaus card, a Kela card, or a Veikkaus card, players may easily verify their identities.

Veikkaus Asserts Global Leadership in Player Identification

Leading the way in the world of online and brick-and-mortar gaming, Veikkaus brazenly announces that it was the first operator to require identification for every game it offers. This audacious action highlights Veikkaus’ dedication to promoting responsible gaming worldwide.

The director of Veikkaus’s duty, Susanna Saikkonen, discusses the various advantages of the identification system. Beyond its main purpose, the system gives users the ability to easily track how long they spend gaming and how much they lose each year. It also gives users the ability to establish yearly loss limitations. Moreover, the expedited verification procedure greatly improves Veikkaus’ exclusion program’s effectiveness.

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Veikkaus’ head of lottery games, Ville Venojärvi, praises this change’s revolutionary quality. He confirms a smooth transition by highlighting how participants of coupon games are accustomed to the procedure. Additionally, Venojärvi makes it clear that those who bought lottery tickets during the holiday season can continue use them without having to go through the new identification procedure.

As Veikkaus reaffirms its dedication to responsible gaming, it also gets ready for upcoming regulatory adjustments in the Finnish gaming industry. Recognizing that these changes are unavoidable, Veikkaus expects significant organizational reorganization to be in line with the changing business environment. The organization warns of possible employment consequences, indicating a dynamic transitional phase.

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