Merkur Group Emerges as Gauselmann Group Officially Adopts New Identity

The globally recognized gaming firm Gauselmann Group has formally relaunched itself as Merkur Group in an effort to establish a new corporate identity. This change, which takes effect on January 1, 2024, is a turning point in the company’s history.

Established by Paul Gauselmann, the Merkur brand initially emerged in the 1970s and quickly developed into a dominant force in the gaming sector. The AWP machine section, Merkur B, was crucial in propelling the business to prosperity. Merkur’s reputation was further cemented with the launch of the company’s first arcade, the Merkur Spielothek.

The desire to capitalize on the Merkur brand’s continuing appeal led to the decision to rename. “Both developments will benefit from linking the appeal of our Merkur brand to the company name,” said Paul Gauselmann in acknowledgment of this.

Charting a Digital and International Trajectory

Announced in September 2023, the rebranding is in line with the company’s global and digital growth. There is more to the switch from Gauselmann AG to AG than meets the eye. The company’s many endeavors are being unified under a single brand identity as a strategic move.

All marketing materials now include the new Merkur Group emblem, which marks a break from the Gauselmann heritage, as part of the rebranding effort. Several corporate signage have also been updated to reflect the new visual identity as part of the move.

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Despite these changes, Merkur Group assures stakeholders that the Gauselmann Family Foundation’s presence and commitment to continuity remain unwavering. Paul Gauselmann emphasized, “Continuity and stability are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and will continue to be important factors for success going forward.”

Merkur Group’s evolution into a digital and international entity underscores its commitment to staying abreast of industry trends. The rebranding aims to position the company as a dynamic player in the digital gaming landscape.

The rich legacy of Merkur’s gaming machines, systems, and arcade ventures, all bearing the iconic laughing sun logo, now merges seamlessly with a forward-looking digital identity. This harmonious blend of tradition and innovation signifies Merkur’s adaptability in an ever-evolving industry.

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