GoldenRace Innovates Brick-and-Mortar Gaming with Fire Crash Launch

With the release of Fire Crash, GoldenRace, a well-known provider of betting and virtual sports technology, is completely changing the way traditional land-based casinos operate. This innovative initiative, which is the first Crash game designed just for real casinos, intends to broaden the gaming catalog while fostering relationships with operators and players globally.

With its amazing 3D visuals, Fire Crash stands out and envelops players in an aesthetically attractive and engrossing game experience. Under/Over and Range are two new betting markets that GoldenRace has added, although the game fundamentals are still the same as in its predecessors. These upgrades make it easier for participants to engage in passive activity on a single screen and promote camaraderie among casino patrons.

Enhanced Functionality for Retail Setting

Auto Cash-out, a classic Crash game feature, has been thoughtfully modified for the Retail environment. This improvement provides a smooth and effective gaming experience by enabling players to place bets and set automated cash-out settings right at the cashier.

To further enhance the gaming experience, Fire Crash presents In-shop Mobile, a cutting-edge solution created specifically for the retail industry by GoldenRace. With the help of this function, gamers may wager from their mobile devices at their favorite stores, doing away with the necessity for lines and increasing the selection of games available. Players gain from this, but operators also save money on paper and hardware costs and have easier cashier administration.

Players in any store may access GoldenRace’s complete online library with In-shop Mobile, which includes the newest Crash games for mobile devices, including Bank Run, Final Fist, Don’t Drop the Ball, and Meteoroid. This cutting-edge function guarantees that gamers may easily and comfortably enjoy a wide variety of games.

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With Fire Crash, GoldenRace is breaking new ground in the brick-and-mortar casino industry by introducing cutting-edge technology and fun gameplay to established gaming venues. The company’s ongoing attempts to improve the gaming experience for operators and players alike demonstrate its dedication to innovation and flexibility.

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