Eminence Capital’s Ricky Sandler Joins Entain Board to Drive Growth

Ricky Sandler, the founder and CEO of Eminence Capital, has been named to the board of Entain, a significant participant in the worldwide gaming business, as part of a calculated effort to strengthen its leadership and seize growth possibilities. The appointment is a major step forward for all parties and takes effect immediately.

Having over 25 years of experience as the CEO of Eminence Capital, located in New York, Ricky Sandler brings a plethora of knowledge to the table. Among his remarkable accomplishments is the formation and successful leadership of the investment firm in 1999. Sandler’s experience as a chief investment officer and seasoned investor is anticipated to make a substantial contribution to Entain’s strategic decision-making procedures.

Key Committee Memberships for Strategic Insights

As part of his role within Entain, Ricky Sandler will not only serve on the board but will also become a member of two critical committees: People & Governance and Capital Allocation. These committee memberships underscore his role in providing valuable insights into governance matters and optimizing capital allocation strategies for the company.

Within the People & Governance committee, Sandler will play a pivotal role in identifying an additional non-executive director, aligning with the interests of both Eminence and Entain. This collaborative effort aims to strengthen the governance framework and bring diverse perspectives to the boardroom.

Expressing his enthusiasm for joining Entain, Ricky Sandler emphasized his pleasure in becoming part of a business with “enviable” market positions globally. He noted Entain’s robust standing with market-leading brands, a unique technology platform, and strong footholds in key geographies. Sandler expressed his commitment to supporting Entain in achieving long-term success and creating lasting value for shareholders.

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“Entain is a robust business with market-leading brands, a unique technology platform and enviable positions in key geographies around the world,” said Sandler. “I look forward to working with my fellow directors to help Entain achieve long-term success and create lasting value for its shareholders.”

Entain’s Chairman, Barry Gibson, welcomed Ricky Sandler to the board, acknowledging Sandler’s deep knowledge of the business and his firm belief in the quality of operations and growth opportunities. Gibson expressed optimism about leveraging Sandler’s perspectives and expertise in driving value for all Entain shareholders.

“I am pleased to welcome Ricky to the board of Entain,” said Gibson. “Ricky has a deep knowledge of our business and a firm belief in the quality of our operations and substantial growth opportunities. We look forward to benefiting from his perspectives and expertise as we work to drive value for all Entain shareholders.”


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