Macau Tourism Industry Shows Strong Recovery and Growth in 2023


2023 marked a significant rebound for Macau’s tourism industry, with the city registering an impressive recovery in visitor numbers post-pandemic. According to the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), the year witnessed a substantial increase in tourism, culminating in a record-breaking 175,030 visitors on New Year’s Eve.

What you should know

  • Macau saw about 28.23 million visitors in 2023, a 70% recovery from pre-pandemic levels, with a peak of 175,030 visitors on New Year’s Eve.
  • International visitor daily average rose from 10.1% to 94.4% by December 2023 compared to 2019, surpassing 10,000 daily in late December.
  • The government’s focus on attracting non-Chinese tourists and enhancing tourism services for 2024 to further boost international visits.

Throughout 2023, Macau saw about 28.23 million visitors, averaging approximately 77,000 daily. This represented a 70 percent recovery compared to 2019’s figures, before the Covid-19 pandemic’s onset in early 2020. The MGTO highlighted the importance of the full reopening of borders in 2023, which contributed significantly to the upward trend in visitor numbers. This resurgence underscored Macau’s appeal as a global hub for tourism and leisure.

In 2023, the influx of international visitors also showed remarkable growth. Preliminary data revealed that the daily monthly average of international visitors rose from 10.1 percent in January to 94.4 percent in December compared to 2019 levels. Notably, the daily average of international visitors exceeded 10,000 for five consecutive days, from December 26 to December 30.

The Macau government’s strategic focus on diversifying its tourist base, particularly by attracting more customers from outside China for its casino concessionaires, played a crucial role in this recovery. As part of the tender process for new 10-year gaming concessions, the government mandated bidders to devise strategies for drawing in more overseas customers.

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Looking ahead to 2024, the MGTO said it is committed to further enhancing tourist products and services, with a keen focus on actively exploring international visitor markets. This approach is expected to continue the momentum gained in 2023, further solidifying Macau’s position as a leading destination in the global tourism sector, they added.

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