Kara Scott Ends Partnership with 888poker

After nearly eight years, Kara Scott’s collaboration with 888poker has come to an end. Scott, a versatile talent in the poker world, joined 888poker as an ambassador in February 2016. Her role included representing the brand at live events, contributing to its online presence, and developing engaging content for its social media channels.

Scott’s journey with 888poker began following her notable appearances on Sky Poker, Sky Television, the European Poker Tour, High Stakes Poker, GSN, Poker Central, and ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage. Her multifaceted role at 888poker saw her hosting various shows, such as the monthly 888poker News and 888poker Brief. Additionally, she pioneered the Heart of Poker podcast, offering a unique perspective on the game.

The departure marks the end of a significant phase for both Scott and 888poker, highlighting her contributions to the brand’s growth and outreach. The Canadian’s influence extended across various platforms, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the world of poker.

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