Comstock Holdings Gears Up for Legislative Battle in Fairfax County

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Lobbyists Dedicated to Comstock’s Interests

All six of the hired lobbyists will only speak on behalf of Comstock throughout the congressional session. Notably, the business gave the Building a Remarkable Virginia Political Action Committee a donation of $244,500. In addition, fourteen Comstock workers gave $29,525 to the political campaign of Del. Wren Williams. Williams was the one who presented the measure that gave the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors the authority to put out a casino referendum, but the donations had already been made before he touched the legislation.

A well-known developer in Fairfax County, Comstock is adamant about moving forward with its plans for a casino even though there is still competition in the area for casino licenses. The business has made contacts in the community and is still actively looking for development prospects.

Though Comstock’s calculated contributions and advocacy work are impressive, voters will probably have the last say on whether or not to build a casino in Fairfax County. The majority of the measures that are presently being considered provide the people the ability to choose whether or not they favor the construction of a casino. Comstock presented comprehensive proposals in September 2023, outlining its aspirations for a casino in the Reston region. Nonetheless, the project’s future will be decided by the legislative procedure and the ensuing public voting.

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Comstock’s Fairfax County project is in line with larger regional trends, since there are now plans for casinos in Danville, Bristol, and Portsmouth. Additional casino developments in Richmond and Norfolk are still being discussed. Comstock’s efforts will have an impact on the growth of casinos in Virginia, but how they turn out will rely on the support of legislators as well as the preferences of the people living in Fairfax County.


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