“Moneytaker69” Expelled from GGPoker for Cheating

GGPoker announced the banning of a player known as “Moneytaker69” and the confiscation of their $29,795 in winnings. This action followed a revelation on the legendary 2+2 poker forum about the player’s unfair advantage in games.

The controversy began when a user, “GGSuperUser,” posted on the 2+2 Forums on December 28, accusing “Moneytaker69” of superusing at GGPoker. Superusing refers to a player gaining undue advantage, often by accessing hidden information like opponents’ hole cards. The post highlighted “Moneytaker69’s” unusual success, including a win rate of 90bb/100 over 8,900 hands in December, and their victory in a $150 GGMasters Sunday MTT for $47,586.80.

Responding to the allegations, GGPoker acknowledged the issue and expressed regret for the impact on the game’s integrity and players’ trust. They emphasized their commitment to maintaining a fair gaming environment.

“We sincerely apologize for the incident, which has caused many poker players to worry about the game’s integrity and shaken their trust in GGPoker to provide the best poker experience.

“We take this incident very seriously and continue to work hard not to disappoint poker players.”

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GGPoker discovered that “Moneytaker69” exploited a client-side data leak vector using the ‘Thumbs Up/Down Table Reaction’ feature. This exploit allowed the player to alter game packets and intercept network traffic, thus gaining insights into win probabilities. Although GGPoker issued an emergency update on December 16 to disable the feature, “Moneytaker69” continued to use the exploit due to a customized game client.

Following the investigation, GGPoker confirmed fixing the client-side vulnerability. They reassured players of their dedication to game security and integrity, promising to prevent any form of cheating.

“We can assure you that the security and integrity of our games is our priority so that we can offer safe & fun games for all our players. We have, and will, always do everything within our power to prevent cheating in any form.”

Additionally, the online poker operator announced plans to reconcile payouts for impacted tournaments, specifically the $150 GGMasters Sunday MTT.

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