Macau Attracts Over 362,600 Visitors During Christmas Season

Macau celebrated a resounding success during the recent three-day Christmas season, attracting over 362,600 visitors, as reported by official data from the city’s Public Security Police. The preliminary figures unveiled an impressive average daily influx, hovering around 121,000 during the holiday period.

The daily average for the Christmas season demonstrated resilience, outperforming the eight-day tourist peak period surrounding China’s National Day in the autumn. During that earlier festive season, the daily visitor arrivals had averaged 116,546, according to official data.

The apex of the Christmas season was witnessed on Saturday, with a staggering daily total of 133,603 visitors. Christmas Eve, falling on Sunday (December 24), recorded 120,594 arrivals, followed by 108,446 on Christmas Day, marking a robust turnout during the holiday festivities.

Holiday Dynamics in Macau

While Christmas is not a recognized holiday in Macau’s primary tourist source, mainland China, it aligns with an official break period in Hong Kong, the second most crucial contributor to Macau’s tourist influx. Notably, December 26 is still a holiday in Hong Kong, contributing to the extended holiday dynamics.

The authorities did not provide a detailed breakdown of visitors’ origins during the Christmas period. However, the majority of tourists entered Macau through the Border Gate checkpoint, connecting Macau and mainland China, or the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, showcasing diverse entry points.

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Forecasts from representatives in the gaming and travel sectors were validated as Macau experienced a robust holiday period. Despite the relatively cold weather in southern China, the city showcased its resilience as a premier tourist destination.

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