Daniel Sepiol Takes Win and $5,282,954 in the WPT World Championship Main Event

Daniel Sepiol has won the WPT World Championship Main Event, taking home a prize of $5,282,954. The event, held over seven days at Wynn Las Vegas, saw Sepiol rise to the top, defeating well-known poker player Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger and later outplaying Georgios Sotiropoulos in the final round.

On the last day, Lichtenberger led the table with 124 big blinds, followed by Chris Moorman with 74. The other four competitors were all around 30 big blinds. As the game progressed, Sepiol executed a successful bluff against Lichtenberger, gaining momentum in the process.

The first player to leave the final table was Artur Martirosian, finishing 6th with $1,207,000. Soon after, Ben Heath faced defeat against Sepiol, ending up in 5th place with $1,583,100.

Chris Moorman was the next to exit, losing to Sotiropoulos and finishing 4th with $2,095,300. A significant moment in the tournament was a big coin flip between Lichtenberger and Sepiol, where Sepiol won a pot of over 280 million chips, leading to Lichtenberger’s 3rd place finish.

In the final heads up, Sepiol had 80% of the chips against Sotiropoulos. They made a deal to split the winnings:

177% up to 5BTC + 77  Free Spins!

New players only. Exclusive Welcome Bonus of 177% + 77 Free Spins


  • Dan Sepiol: $4,682,954
  • Georgios Sotiropoulos: $4,167,246

However, $600,000 was still left for the winner. In the last hand, Sepiol’s cards defeated Sotiropoulos’s, securing his victory in the WPT World Championship Main Event.

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