Bally’s Chicago Extends Operations to 24/7, Capitalizing on Gambling Demand Surge

Bally’s Chicago will begin operating on a 24/7 schedule on December 27 in response to the growing demand for gaming in the United States. Bally’s may now serve customers 24 hours a day thanks to the Illinois Gaming Board’s approval of the four-hour increase. This is a major improvement over the company’s prior 20-hour daily operations.

Bally’s Chicago General Manager and Vice President Mark Wong stressed the strategic significance of the expanded hours of operation. He said that this action is in line with the company’s objectives and reflects the success seen at other Bally’s establishments throughout the country. This, according to Wong, is a critical step in reaching their goals as it gives customers greater accessibility and flexibility.

“This is a progression toward attaining the goals we set out to achieve and gives us similar hours to other local casino properties.” — Mark Wong, VP & GM, Bally’s Chicago

Discounts and Expanded Dining Hours

Apart from the operational enlargement, Bally’s Chicago will provide its customers with subsidized parking and shuttle services. This improvement is meant to give consumers something extra and encourage more visits. In order to better meet the varied requirements and tastes of its patrons, the resort is also expanding the hours of its Wabash Café eating establishment to a 24/7 basis.

Bally’s Chicago has adopted a 24/7 operation, which is in line with other prosperous casino operators’ business philosophies and forms part of the company’s larger plan. Although the resort is already operating out of a temporary location while its permanent Rhode Island venue is being completed, Bally’s has grand ambitions to build a $1.74 billion building at the site of the Freedom Center printing mill. By the end of 2026, the corporation hopes to open the permanent Bally’s Chicago casino.

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Bally’s strategic choices—such as expanded hours and upcoming initiatives—position the brand for sustained success in a changing gaming industry as the industry changes.

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