Junglee Poker Introduces Second Edition of Money Magnet Tournament Series

As the leading online poker room in India, Junglee Poker has opened registration for its much-anticipated Money Magnet tournament series, which consists of ten days of competition. This tournament, which takes place from December 20 to December 29, 2023, offers both a huge cash prize pool and an exciting poker experience.

With its low one Rupee admission cost, Money Magnet breaks down barriers to participation, attracting players of all backgrounds and ability levels. By making high stakes poker available to a wide range of players, this inclusive strategy hopes to promote a friendly, competitive, and supportive community. The enormous 15-lakh Rupee prize pool, which cemented Money Magnet’s place as one of the most profitable poker events of the season in India, is at the center of the frenzy.

Aiming High with 1.5 Lakh Rupees Prize Pool

A 1.5 lakh Rupee prize pool is available every day of the series, including a coveted 1 lakh Rupee first prize. Because of the framework, players are incentivized to demonstrate their skill and strategic thinking. The relationship created by the little entrance cost and the large daily payouts is intriguing. With its distinctive combination of huge stakes and accessibility, Money Magnet stands out as a notable event in the online poker scene.

The motto of Junglee Poker, “Everyone’s Game,” sums up the company’s dedication to provide a venue where poker players can genuinely own the game with their own techniques and methods. The Money Magnet series’ 10-day poker extravaganza goes beyond just being a tournament; it’s designed to provide poker aficionados from all backgrounds with the most engaging and enjoyable experience possible. Players are cordially invited by Junglee Poker to participate in an event that promises a great deal of value in addition to excitement.

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