European Gaming Association Raises Alarms Over Italy’s Online Gambling Decree

Concerns over possible repercussions have been expressed by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) as Italy considers a significant revision to its online gaming laws. The EGBA has expressed doubts over the draft decree’s conformity with EU legislation, which has raised worries within the gaming sector and is presently being discussed by the Council of Ministers.

The proposed decree’s extraordinary increase in license costs is the main source of worry for the EGBA. Should this legislation be approved, Italy would be the most costly nation in Europe to apply for an online gaming license. Maarten Haijer, the Secretary General of the EGBA, stressed how serious the situation is, stating, “This proposed fee hike will make Italy a closed shop for new market entrants and lead to an exodus of existing licensees.”

Reorganizing the gaming industry, changing license costs, implementing a more stringent licensing system, and imposing new fees are some of the changes that are planned. These worries are exacerbated by the local advertising restriction, which makes Italy an unappealing place for both new and established businesses.

Beyond the financial ramifications, the EGBA draws attention to other problems with EU law compliance that might result from the proposed order. To make sure that Italy’s regulatory changes are in line with the more comprehensive legislative framework established by the European Union, the organization demands a comprehensive examination. It is feared that the revisions might make Italy’s current issue with the illegal internet gambling business worse.

The EGBA strongly suggests that the Council of Ministers reevaluate the decree, pointing out that the current approach may make matters worse rather than better in terms of the black market issue. If the planned price increase is put into effect, it may foster an atmosphere that is favorable to illegal gambling, which would undermine the regulatory goals that the Italian government has set forth.

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