MLB Teams Up with EPIC Global Solutions and Entain Foundation for Gambling Prevention

Major League Baseball (MLB) has strengthened its relationships with EPIC Global Solutions and Entain Foundation US in an effort to promote athlete well-being. The purpose of this partnership is to strengthen MLB’s player education programs around responsible gaming and mental health.

MLB will provide live instructional sessions exclusively for minor league players and other professionals chosen by the league, in collaboration with EPIC Global Solutions and the Entain Foundation US. The topics of discussion in these seminars will be mental health awareness and responsible gaming.

Vice President of Sports Betting and Marketing Compliance for MLB Quest Meeks emphasized the value of the facilitators’ first-hand knowledge, which includes being a former minor league player, while expressing trust in EPIC Global Solutions’ training. Meeks emphasized the need of sharing important knowledge on preventing gambling-related damage, particularly in light of sports betting’s growing clout in today’s sports landscape.

Financial Support from Entain Foundation US

In order to guarantee the success of the instructional sessions, EPIC Global Solutions will get both financial and expert support from Entain Foundation US. Ben McGregor, Director of Sports Partnerships at EPIC Global Solutions, emphasized the need of taking preventative measures to shield players from the negative effects of gambling. McGregor emphasized the exceptional chance to increase awareness among athletes as well as the larger fan base.

The Entain Foundation US Trustee, Martin Lycka, Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gaming at Entain, highlighted the foundation’s delight in backing EPIC Risk Management’s initiatives. He emphasized the significance of preventing gambling harm, particularly in sports. According to Lycka, educating the baseball community about ethical gaming behaviors is an essential step.

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MLB’s partnership with the Entain Foundation US and EPIC Global Solutions is a concerted effort to address the changing sports betting scene and give athlete well-being first priority. The league hopes to provide participants the information and skills necessary to deal with the difficulties that come with gambling by offering focused instruction.

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