Wynn Las Vegas Faces Legal Battle Over Patron’s Tragic Incident

In a dark turn of events, the family of Wynn Las Vegas customer Billie Sakkab, 74, is suing for justice following a fatal incident that happened on February 13, 2022, at the casino’s Super Bowl event. The family, through Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, has sued Wynn in the Clark County District Court, claiming that he was negligent.

While Sakkab was playing slots at Wynn’s Super Bowl celebration, she had a heart collapse, which ultimately caused her premature death. Even with a portable automatic external defibrillator, the family claims Wynn’s staff members were not properly trained and did not act quickly enough. The complaint, which the Las Vegas Review-Journal was able to receive, lists a number of mistakes that were made, including careless recruiting, training, retention, and monitoring.

Wynn’s Response Under Scrutiny

Insufficient training is highlighted by the complaint, which asserts that none of the Wynn staff members evaluated Sakkab’s circumstances right after. The family maintains that Wynn neglected to properly plan for medical crises and disregarded the possibility of a spike in guest attendance during the celebration. Sakkab was unaccounted for when emergency personnel were finally called at 5:54 p.m. Though Sakkab’s death occurred at 6:47 p.m., it took the Clark County Fire Department six minutes to respond, and the Medic West ambulance nine minutes.

Attorney Tiffany Pond is leading a group of Sakkab family members in the action, including with Sakkab’s widower Nabil Y. Sakkab Sr., Nabil Sakkab, and Nabil Sakkab Jr. A Wynn representative promised openness in response to the Review-Journal, saying the casino will provide the details of the regrettable event.

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