Superbet Expands Gaming Portfolio with Octoplay in Romania

Octoplay, a developer of premium online casino games, has expanded its reach into the Romanian market through a collaboration with Superbet, the country’s top online gambling operator. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Octoplay as it continues to grow its presence in Europe and beyond.

The integration with Superbet enriches the operator’s game selection with popular Octoplay titles like Pearly Shores and Star Kingdom. Octoplay’s commitment to quality and engaging player experiences has made it a sought-after choice among operators in various regulated markets.

Superbet, known for its dominance in Romania, is also expanding into other European territories, including Poland and Serbia. This partnership with Octoplay is a strategic move to enhance its offerings and attract a wider audience.

Carl Ejlertsson, CEO of Octoplay, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We work with the best operators in the business, and Superbet is a partner that understands the value of premium online slot content in engaging players. Our deep knowledge of player preferences helps us create slots that resonate with users. We’re proud to add Superbet to our list of operator partners.”

Echoing this sentiment, Nicholas Yu, Head of Gaming Content at Superbet, highlighted the importance of premium content in attracting and retaining players. “Our partnership with Octoplay brings top-tier, in-demand online slots to our platform. Octoplay’s games, known for their perfect blend of theme, design, sound, and gameplay, offer an exhilarating experience to our customers.”

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