Airport Staffer Soars with $20M Lottery Win On Lunch Break

While working as a skycap at a nearby airport during his lunch break, a San Francisco Bay Area resident struck it lucky in an unforeseen twist of events. During a normal visit to L&M Liquor in Hayward, the lucky ticket was bought for just $30. When it turned out to be worth an incredible $20 million, the lucky winner had an adrenaline rush.

Hickman, the winner, expressed his excitement and said that it was the “biggest rush” he had ever had. Congratulations! The California State Lottery also hoped that Hickman’s newfound wealth would lead to a new chapter in his life.

Hickman had previously been a consistent player of the “Set For Life” game, frequently participating in it as a routine hobby rather than with high expectations for a noteworthy victory. Indeed, he had previously won a $1,000 reward from the game. But this latest good fortune has prompted him to think about realizing a long-held ambition.

Hickman did not lose time in planning his initial course of action with the newly acquired wealth. He stated that he intended to utilize the cash to fulfill a desire that had looked unattainable until this game-changing victory: buying his wife a house. For Hickman, the triumph couldn’t have come at a better time, transforming an apparently ordinary purchase into the means of achieving his goals.

An additional layer of joy to this lucky turn of events will come from L&M Liquor, the business that sold the winning ticket, receiving a $100,000 bonus as is typical.

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