Alabama’s Gambling Legalization Faces Opposition from Senate Candidates

The possibility of legalizing gambling in Alabama in 2024 is looking increasingly uncertain. A key factor is the upcoming special election to fill the vacant State Senate District 9 seat, formerly held by Clay Scofield. The outcome of this election could significantly impact the fate of a constitutional amendment proposed for the 2024 session of the Alabama Legislature, which seeks to legalize gambling in the state.

The candidates vying for the Senate seat are State Representatives Brock Colvin and Wes Kitchens, along with former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy George. All three have expressed strong opposition to the expansion of gaming in Alabama, a stance they shared with 1819 News.

This opposition is critical because passing a constitutional amendment requires a three-fifths supermajority. A single ‘no’ vote from the new senator could tilt the balance against the pro-gambling lobby. Kitchens emphasized his firm stance against gambling expansion, stating, “During my campaigns for the State House in 2018, and again in 2022, I have consistently told voters that I am a ‘Conservative Voice’ they can depend on and that I oppose the expansion of gambling in my district and in our state.”

Similarly, Colvin does not believe there are sufficient votes to pass any gaming legislation. He told 1819 News, “I’m a ‘no’ vote; it’s no secret. I don’t believe in expanding comprehensive gaming in Alabama.”

George’s position mirrors his views on other issues like state alcohol sales and abortion. He remarked, “I’m a solid ‘no.’” George also expressed his belief that expanding gambling would put Alabama in a bad covenant, hence his opposition to any extended gaming legislation.

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Given these developments, the likelihood of Alabama adopting gambling legislation in the near future remains low, with much depending on the outcome of the special election in District 9.

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