Phishing Scam Targets Bally’s Evansville Casino

Bally’s Evansville, an Indiana-based casino hotel, has become the latest victim in a series of phishing scams targeting major casino operators. This particular scam led to the loss of $212,671 for the casino. The incident comes on the heels of significant cyberattacks on other large casino companies in the United States, including MGM and Caesars.

In a detailed report by the Evansville Police Department, it was revealed that Bally’s Evansville was conducting business with a construction firm for work on its property. During this transaction, an individual posing as a representative of the construction firm contacted Bally’s management. The scammer claimed that the firm had changed its email address and provided new bank details for the payment of construction services.

Acting on this misleading information, officials at Bally’s Evansville transferred $212,671 to the fraudster’s account. It was only after the payment was made that the casino realized the scam and reported it to the police, initiating an investigation into the matter.

This phishing scam, while not a direct cyberattack, aligns with a worrying trend of fraudsters targeting prominent commercial casino companies, leading to substantial financial losses.

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