New Slotegrator Study Sheds Light on Current iGaming Trends

lotegrator, a leader in the iGaming industry, has recently released a comprehensive report aimed at helping online casino and sportsbook operators better understand their audience. This report delves into four key areas: devices, payments, games, and technologies. It is informed by discussions with Slotegrator’s wide network of clients, which include online casino operators and gaming content providers, some of whom have also shared their perspectives.

Understanding the audience is crucial in any business, and the iGaming industry is no exception. To gather insights into the modern iGaming audience, Slotegrator conducted a focus group study. This study explored various aspects such as the age range of players, their preferred devices, popular payment methods, and perspectives on game mechanics and social responsibility. Additionally, the report gathers opinions on emerging technologies like AI, VR, AR, and blockchain, which are increasingly influencing the iGaming sector.

The report by Slotegrator seeks to answer several pertinent questions:

  • What proportion of players now exclusively use mobile devices for gaming?
  • How does the age demographic of social media users compare with that of online casino players?
  • What strategies do Slotegrator’s partners and clients suggest to attract new player segments?
  • Which technology trends are poised to reshape the future of iGaming?

Some of the key findings in the report shared include:

  • 40% of Slotegrator clients report that most players are already using mobile devices exclusively
  • 5% of online operators that were surveyed say are convinced that adding NFTs to the platform will attract new audiences
  • 85% of online gambling operators say that social responsibility is of importance in the space of iGaming and its brands
  • 75% of clients state that the younger player segment prefers new formats such as crash games
  • 95% of African players prefer to play on mobile phones

Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director of Slotegrator, comments on the report’s significance: “We aim for this material to help our clients and partners to make or adjust marketing strategy and business development plans. The resulting insights will be invaluable when planning for your platform’s future.”

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The report is rich with opinions on using bonuses, attitudes towards technology, and the most favored payment methods. It includes quotations from various Slotegrator partners, including Platipus, 3 Oaks Gaming, Gamzix, Turbo Games, BGaming, Macaw Gaming, and others, providing a well-rounded view of the current state and future trends in iGaming.

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