APT Hanoi Billions 2023 Cancelled Abruptly – Main Event Not Played Out – UPDATES HERE

In what was considered a milestone event for poker in South East Asia and a festive celebration of a great year for the Asian Poker Tour breaking many records and a successful relaunch of the APT brand in its “new era” ended in an anticlimax. The Asian Poker Tour (APT) Hanoi Billions series, held at the National Convention Centre, announced amidst its most prominent and record-breaking event, the Main Event, a sudden halt to the series. This decision came unexpectedly on the fourth day of the Main Event, leaving many in shock.

The announcement was made on a Saturday morning through the APT’s X social media account. The post, which disabled comments, did not provide a clear reason for the abrupt end of the event. This led to widespread speculation that the organizers faced governmental pressure, especially considering the event’s location in a government-affiliated venue.

Other rumors going around are that there might be some ‘politics’ involved with another competing Poker Series also running at this time in Hanoi, perhaps afraid of losing out on players who would prefer the APT. This ‘local’ series being Asian Poker Festival Vietnam, running Dec 7-13 at the Royal Poker Club, will surely be getting an instant boost in players in its final days.

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With the termination of the series, questions arose regarding the handling of the remaining prize money. The Main Event, with an entry fee of VND 36,000,000 (approximately $1,500 USD), was left unresolved. However, the APT assured participants that the remaining funds would not be withheld. According to their statement, all active players at the time of the event’s cancellation will receive payouts. These payouts are set to begin on December 10 and will be calculated based on the players’ chip counts at the time the tournament was halted. Players in other events will also be refunded.

Leading the pack at the time of cancellation in the Main Event was Nguyen Van Sang, holding 10,015,000 chips. He is set to receive the highest payout of VND 4,376,859,231. Following him is Kongjai Nopparat, with 4,535,000 chips, who will receive VND 2,087,007,590. In total, 47 players remained in the competition at the time of the event’s unexpected conclusion.

The APT’s decision to end the series was not made lightly. Their statement emphasized the unforeseen circumstances they faced and the priority they placed on the safety and well-being of players and staff. While expressing regret, the APT highlighted its commitment to ensuring the fair treatment of its participants in these challenging circumstances.

Regarding player funds, the players we’ve talked to aren’t concerned. They trust the APT as a well-established brand in Southeast Asian poker. They believe their funds are safe and will be returned based on chip counts. Staff, and APT partners confirm this belief. Everyone agrees that the funds should be safe, suggesting there’s no cause for concern.

Update: Dec 9 00:35ET

As of now there is no additional news to specific reasons for cancelling. Rest assured we will update you when we hear more about this and player funds/withdrawals.

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