Garrett Adelstein Prepares for His Return to High Stakes Poker

High stakes poker professional Garrett Adelstein has announced his plan to return to the poker scene after a significant break. In 2023, Adelstein’s public presence was minimal, with most of his attention directed towards his family, including the birth of his daughter Sienna in early April. He admitted not having played poker since a memorable night in October 2022.

Adelstein’s comeback, however, faces limitations in terms of where he can play. Nick Vertucci, co-owner of Hustler Casino Live, has publicly stated Adelstein is not welcome back, leaving The Lodge Poker Club and Bally Live Poker as his likely options. These venues regularly feature the high-stakes games suited to Adelstein’s skills.

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Security is a top priority for Adelstein as he contemplates his return. He expressed his concerns about game integrity in live streaming scenarios. “Without question, part of the reason I have avoided streaming poker stems from a serious concern about game integrity,” Adelstein said. He advocates for a secure system, noting, “What I’m hoping for most, and something several streams like Bally’s and The Lodge have incorporated, is a nearly trustless system where the real-time hole cards are not seen by anyone, including ownership.”

Despite moving forward, Adelstein is still affected by the past, particularly the Jack-Four hand incident. On the anniversary of that event, he took to X (formerly known as Twitter), hinting that he hasn’t fully moved on from the incident.

Looking ahead, Adelstein is enthusiastic about his return to the game. He acknowledges potential initial challenges but remains confident. “No doubt, I will be very rusty when I hop back in the mix. But I love this shit, I’m built for it, and I’m confident I’ll get back into form soon enough. Rest assured, I’ll be in there swinging for the home run ball and ready to put on a show on hand #1,” he commented.

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