GambleAware Data Reveals High Effectiveness of Gambling Support Services

The effectiveness and effects of the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) and the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN) are illuminated by recent statistics from GambleAware. The numbers show a favorable outcome for people who come to get help for problems connected to gaming.

According to data from GambleAware, an astounding 88% of patients who finished therapy with the NGTS saw an improvement in their condition. For those experiencing gambling-related problems, the NGTS, which consists of ten organizations in England, Scotland, and Wales, provides early intervention, preventive programs, and free, confidential therapy.

Swift Access and Short Waiting Times

Waiting periods were very short, with 50% of persons treated within five days after referral and 75% within nine days, despite a substantial demand for services. This quick access to help highlights how effective the NGTS is at helping those in need when they need it.

The need of funding early treatment was stressed by Anna Hargrave, Chief Commissioning and Strategy Officer at GambleAware. This is especially true in light of recent Gambling Commission data that appear to indicate a higher incidence of dangerous gambling than previously thought.

GambleAware rebranded the treatment program as the NGSN in April 2023 with the goal of improving support services even further. There has already been a notable increase in demand for NGSN services. Calls to the National Gambling Helpline rose by 24% year over year from April to June 2023, while the number of early interventions grew by 46%. Demand for structured therapy increased by 18% as well.

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The CEO of Ara Recovery for All, Graham England, emphasized the critical role that NGSN services play in offering early treatments and avoiding gambling issues from worsening and becoming more serious. The information emphasizes the value and importance of specialized, community-based solutions.

While acknowledging the beneficial effects of support services, GambleAware cautioned that these vital programs may come to an end as a result of the government’s planned mandatory charge on gaming businesses. The CEO of GambleAware, Zoe Osmond, pleaded with the government to guarantee that these essential services will be safeguarded both during and after the shift.

Concerns were also expressed by experts about how the new approach may put more strain on the NHS’s finances and waiting lines. Professor Dame Clare Gerada, who acknowledged gambling as a social and public health concern, underlined the necessity of a comprehensive strategy to stop the harms from getting worse.

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