SOFTSWISS Clinches Brand IDOL of the Year at iGaming IDOL Awards

Every year, the iGaming IDOL Awards, held in the vibrant center of Malta, bring together the finest players in the online gaming world. An inspiration for quality and recognition, the occasion honors exceptional talent influencing the direction of iGaming. This year, SOFTSWISS triumphed and won the coveted Brand IDOL of the Year award, a significant accomplishment that highlights the company’s progression into competence.

Creative Marketing Initiatives Elevating SOFTSWISS

Through creative and eye-catching marketing initiatives, SOFTSWISS proactively strengthens the perception of its brand. The company’s success is attributed to its renowned campaigns, such as “Bringing the Heat,” “Make Your Business a Classic,” and “Grab Success,” which span Malta, Europe, and emerging countries in Asia and Latin America. Encapsulating the fundamental values of SOFTSWISS’ brand concept, these campaigns also highlight the company’s skillful marketing.

Valentina Bagniya, Chief Marketing Officer at SOFTSWISS, expresses elation at the triumph, stating, “We are truly honored to stand among the industry’s best and brightest at the esteemed iGaming IDOL. This accolade is a testament to the collective passion and dedication of our team.” Bagniya emphasizes that the award should fuel the team’s commitment to understanding customer needs, crafting top-tier products, fostering creativity, and venturing into exceptional worlds within the dynamic iGaming domain.

The Brand IDOL of the Year award, which joins the ranks of prestigious honors like the Best Marketing Campaign at the EiGE Awards and the 2023 EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards, is the newest gem in SOFTSWISS’ crown. SoftSWISS keeps shining as the iGaming business develops, exhibiting not just its technological competence but also its creative and effective approach to brand creation.

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