Malta Gaming Authority Enhances Gaming Device Approval Processes

For licensees with a Certificate of Approval for Gaming Premises or Controlled Gaming Premises Certificate of Approval, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has streamlined procedures in an effort to improve compliance and efficiency. The goal of the change is to bring the MGA’s operations up to par with industry standards and improve their quality and consistency.

The MGA has notified licensees of the introduction of these expedited procedures via a notice. This message comes with a new guidance note that explains the standardized processes and the particular requirements for each procedure to licensees. The MGA is taking this proactive step to help stakeholders have a better understanding of one another.

Effective Implementation from December 1, 2023

The updated procedures are scheduled to go into effect on December 1, 2023, to allow for a seamless transition. It is strongly advised that licensees read the updated advice note and follow the defined standard operating procedures. In order to facilitate effective coordination of the necessary work, the MGA stresses the significance of licensees cooperating in the submission of thorough applications, as described in the guidance note.

The MGA emphasizes how important it is for licensees to cooperate in filing comprehensive applications, noting that this cooperation helps the regulatory body to work diligently and effectively coordinate necessary operations. The MGA hopes to create a more favorable atmosphere for licensees and regulators by expediting the approval process for gambling devices in addition to achieving operational uniformity.

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